17-All That Lee — Factory Patch

16-Rockabilly Slap — Factory Patch

15-The Good, Bad & Ugl — Factory Patch

14-Cowboy Slap — Factory Patch

12-Pan Chorus — Factory Patch

13-Clean Cowboy — Factory Patch


Right Pan Dry

Borg Sex — Joe Satriani/Borg Sex (Live)

Vernon’s Personality — Living Color

Keep The Faith — Bon Jovi

Next 100 Years

With A Little Help — Various

Hey God — Bon Jovi

Bed Of Roses — Bon Jovi

Always Leslie Vibe — Bon Jovi/Beatles

Brian May Day — Queen

Pull Me Under Fl/Dly — Dream Theater

E-V-H Detune — Van Halen

You Give Love A Bad Name — Bon Jovi

Misunderstood — Dream Theater

Metropolis — Dream Theater


LedZep — Misty Moutain Hop

Love thing — Satriani

Ain’t talking about what ? — van halen

The Wall 445 — Pink Floyd / Another brick in the wall (Part 1)

Rush 2112