505II and 606


Lead drive — Eric Johnson

Metal chorus — Metal

Sweet Child o Mine — Guns n’ roses

Smoke on the Water — Deep Purple

Come As You Are — Nirvana

Finger eleven — Paralyzer

Dust in the wind — Kansas

Distorcion — Green day

Still Got the Blues — Gary Moore

Blues lead sustain — ZOOM

Clean + wha — ZOOM

Clean + reverb — ZOOM

Endless Light Lead — Hillsong United

Metal riff tone — all

Carlos Solo — Santana

Satch Solo — Satriani

Drive pesado — Ygor Oliveira

One Step Closer — Linkin Park

Bass — Unknown

Wag ka naman mangiwan — matineeidol

Rock sound — some of the best

Real Blink-182 Guitar Tone — Blink-182

Angels And Airwaves Delay (Song The Adventure) — Angels And Airwaves