G1on and G1Xon

Clear Crunch For Metal

Chorus Overdrive

A warm clean

Djent — Modern Metal Tone — Justin De Gois

Knights of cydonia — Muse

Dokken — George Lynch

Whitesnake 87

Armanta Strigoy — Powerwolf

Hollowed by thy name — Iron Maiden

Crazy Train — Ozzy

Master of Puppets Ryhtm Guitar Tone — Metallica

Kill ‘Em All Rythm Guitar Tone — Metallica

Polyphia overdrive

Money F. Nothing — D.Straits

After sex — cigarettes after sex

Under the bridge — RED HOT CILI PEPPERS

Engl Powerball sim

Mr. brightside (intro riff) — The Killers

Every breath you take — POLICE

Persiana Americana — Gustavo Cerati

Swedish Chainsaw (Entombed, ecc.) — Entombed

Money fot Noting — Dire Straits

Thrash 2 — Exhorder/Sepultura/Kat

Metal 80′ — Judas/Ratt

Thrash 1 — Exodus/TestAmenT/Impact