Dimebag’s tone (rhythm) — dimebag

Dimebag’s tone (intro) — dimebag

Wherever I may roam sitar effect — Metallica

Walk this way — Aerosmith

Pull harder in the strings of your martyr — Trivium

Randy Rhoads tone

Painkiller — Judas Priest

Jimmy Page’s tone 3

Jimmy Page’s tone 2

Jimmy Page’s tone

Welcome to the jungle (rhythm and lead patches) — Slash

Welcome to the jungle (delay intro) — slash

Baja la tensión — Cultura Profética

Elephant Bones Wah — That Handsome Devil

Reggae Phaser — Reggae music

Elephant Bones Phaser — That Handsome Devil

Reggae efect — Bob Marley & the Wailers

The old man down the road tremolo — John Fogerty

The old man down the road — John Fogerty

Crazy little thing called love — Queen

Hotel California solo — Eagles

Lost for Words tremolo — Pink Floyd

Apache — The Shadows

«Marshall kk10 update dvd»headphone/ effectsloop p — KERRY KING